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Family Heirlooms

Today I want to touch base on Family Heirloom Photos.


We all have those old family photos in our shoebox, a closet, a family treasure chest. When we take them out and look at them and I mean really look at them we usually get such a great feeling and thought on that person or that family reunion we all attended. It is only logical to want to put them in a frame to display on the wall or on a dresser or desk.


This is why I do offer Beautiful Readymade Oval, Round & Rectangle Frames that are ornate to fit that period. Along with these I offer Convex Glass (Bubble) to really bring you back to that time period. Please do look on my site under Products Page at :


If you have those old Photos and they need to be repaired please go to my Creative Partners Page and click on "A Page is Turned": to see what they offer for restoration.


Have yourself a Wonderful Day!







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