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What is it about Art?

You ask.....What is it about Art?


Why are we drawn to Art? Why do we love it so much?


Well I believe Art brings out the best in all of us. Art is our wishes in life our feelings and what we see in our past and hope for our future. Art expresses who we are as an individual. We can look into a landscape painting and visualize our self walking down that road or laying on that hammock on the beach. When our lives need some calm we can go to that favorite picture and dream.


Art can also show our thoughts in what tragedy has come into our life. It can bring that emotion out and place it on a page to help us deal with the sadness or horrific event.


Art can give us a perspective on emotion of the unkown. It can bring in the spiritual aspect of our lives. Contemporary Artwork can give us many emotions that we cannot place in the reality of life. It can take a happy emotion and make it a swirl, it can take a feeling of infinity and place it in a painting.


Like the poster says..."THE EARTH WITHOUT ART IS JUST "EH"


Those words ring so true on many levels.


Today take some time to visit an Art Gallery or look at your favorite piece of Artwork. Take in that emotion and own it!






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