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The TRUTH About the Picture Framing Industry from a Business Woman's Perspective!

So...What is the Truth?


The truth is the Framing Industry is a hard road. 


You work Very Hard for Your Client(s). As a Picture Framer you create a ambiance in a Picture Frame. You hear what the client is telling you what they enjoy about their Artwork whether it is a painting, a sports jersey, a gift to a loved one. But it is not sterile, is is about them and their life. It is about the painting that their Great Grandmother painted or the Sports Jersey they got a signature from a famous baseball player or a Wedding gift to thier Bride. It is feelings.....


Me, the picture framer grew up in a Round House in the Black Hills of South Dakota. I lived basically Outside the Box! No the Devil could not catch me because there were no corners! Ha! But this is my story. I watched my Dad over the years Create buildings and draw the plans up for a Round House that when we were building it, passer bys thought we were building a swimmng pool. I watched my Dad build Coors Field in Denver. Basically you can do ANYTHING when you put your mind to it! I had Great role models, my Parents that said Art Is AWESOME and they let me Create! 


The Picture Framing Industry is a hard road. I hope every week someone will come into the Gallery to let me Create their Masterpiece! It does not happen as a constant. So basically I am not going to have a Huge Salary. But when a Client walks in that door at the Gallery in Old Town Parker and let's me Create their Masterpiece I get down right giddy!!! Yes GIDDY! ;)


I am one of those Goofy Girls who Loves Tools and walking through Home Depot makes my head spin with Awwww.....Yep Kelly the Tool Girl Benson!!! I LOVE the Smell of Picture Framing Wood being Cut, I Swoon over the Design of a Mat I have Created and I Simply am in Aw of the final piece that I have created and I know it's just not me that has created that piece. Yes there is a higher power that breaths creativity into me. I am humbled. 


Some would say that Picture Framing is a Dying Art. But I am not so sure about that. After creating a frame for a 100 Year Old Wedding Dress, A Fireman's Ax for a Retirement Gift, A client's painting he recieved as a Gift from a Famous Artist, A One Room School House Map that a Client's 13 Siblings touched throughout their years as children, the retired Broncos Football players Jerseys he cherishes every day. Would you say Custom Picture Framing is a dying art? 


So the next time you step into the Gallery at Beautiful Art Picture Framing, remember the calm person you see as the picture framer is really doing a "HAPPY DANCE!!!" because she is GIDDY about Your Artwork! 


This is the Truth about This Picture Framer in the Industry to make people Happy! ;)




Kelly Benson

15 years in doing a Happy Dance!

Beautiful Art Picture Framing, Inc.

19501 E. Mainstreet, Suite 104

Parker, CO 80138


(Located in Old Town Parker across from O'Brien Park's Gazebo)

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